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Tachymetric Protractor, COMBINATION SETS, Portland Plotter and divider sets, SOLID BRASS DIVIDERS, Admiralty Pattern or Straight Dividers, brass dividers, chart plotter, BUDGET PARALLEL RULE, Ideal for the student or starter, PORTLAND COURSE PLOTTER, Excellent for the smaller chartroom, PORTLAND PROFESSIONAL, The best tool for the serious navigator, SQUARES & PROTRACTORS, Portland Squares Triangles and Protractors, NATO TIME SPEED DISTANCE, Professional calculators for the, Jangka Semat, Seize : 400mm, 500mm, 600mm A parallel rule with protractor markings ( double reading) and compass points, made from 6mm acrylic, bevelled on all four edges with solid brass links.All other metallic parts are made from non corrosive materials. Rubber pads are fitted to the underside to prevent slipping.Brand: blundell harling http: / / http: / / http: / / virlie enginering co YM: virlie_ darius@ LIVE: virlie.darius@ email: mgkkemayo ran@ VIRLIE ENGINEERING CO pin BB 7fa2d5ab telp 085883358833, 087882014995, 081388688801, 08118818890, telp ( 021) 65868049, 65866430, 65866431, MGK Mega Kemayoran Office Lt. GF block A10 no 1 GF block D5 no 1 Jl.Angkasa Kav B-6 Kota Baru Bandar Kemayoran Jakarta Pusat 10610 jalan raya angkasa kav B6 central Jakarta 10610 mall mega glodok kemayoran A 10 no 1 GF