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safety wear, seragam tahan panas, coverall, wearpack, flame raterdant, uniform

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Safety wear, seragam tahan panas, cover all, wearpack, flame raterdant, high visibility, wearguard, uniforms, all outerwear, 3 season outerwear, rugged workwear, casual workwear, safety & compliance, Feature: Coverall for long sleeves standart as per Photo enclosed, Nomex IIIA composition: 93% meta aramid, 5% para aramid, 2% carbon fibre p-140, Weight starts available from 4.5oz, 6oz/ 7.5 oz/ sqm, Colours available: bright blue, orange, red, royal blue, dark blue, navy blue Brass two-way brass zippers with flame resistant quick release flap outside and inside 6 main pockets or as per required, Meta Aramid thread sewing, Solution dyed or piece dyed fabrics, Reflective tape size 2ï ¿ ½ ( arm, leg, and shoulder) computerized as per required, Name tag and company logo with stitched and embroiderry as per required, Provide test standart for NFPA 1975, EN 531, EN 533, EN 499, ASTM F 1506, Sweat assorbent for humid, Welcome for per customer designï ¿ ½ s required, Develop for special inquiring such as anti static fabric, anti electromagnetic radiation fabric, anti bacterium fabric, anti ultra violet radiation and water, and oil proof, Packaging by carton box double wall content 25 sets ( 0, 14 m3) Small order are welcome, application SUCH AS SHIRT, JACKET, PANTS, LABCOAT.THERE ARE WIDELY USE BY THE ARMY, POLICE, FIREHOUSE, PETROLEUM, METALLURGY, AND AUTO RACING, ETC. MANY COLORS SUCH AS ROYAL BLUE, NAVY BLUE, ORANGE, GREEN, YELLOW, Made from Cotton 100% flame retardant fabric weight 280 gsm, it enjoys the ability of flame resistant, oil proof and electric shock, Insulation: it also has good resistance to acids and alkalis, Moisture barrier: the material could stop water passing through to the firefighertï ¿ ½ s personal clothing while, Allowing perspiration and heat to escape to the outside atmosphere, thermal barrier, flame resistant, anti thermal radiation, Reflective trim: uses scotchlite reflective tapes, Style: body-divided ( Shirt and pant) , size: S, M, L, XL, XXL, Applications applicable to being worn by firemen or workers who work under, 10, 250 temperature in flame and 800 temperature in thermal radiation, in accident, site which has acid and alkali chemicals, but not entering accident site with it which has poisonous gas, It is certified by the standart of EN469, EN 531, EN 533, welcome for customer style designï ¿ ½ s requested http: / / http: / / http: / / / virlie enginering co YM: virlie_ darius@ LIVE: virlie.darius@ email: mgkkemayoran@ VIRLIE ENGINEERING CO pin BB 7fa2d5ab telp 085883358833, 087882014995, 081388688801, 08118818890, telp ( 021) 65868049, 65866430, 65866431, MGK Mega Kemayoran Office Lt. GF block A10 no 1 GF block D5 no 1 Jl.Angkasa Kav B-6 Kota Baru Bandar Kemayoran Jakarta Pusat 10610 jalan raya angkasa kav B6 central Jakarta 10610 mall mega glodok kemayoran A 10 no 1 GF