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Jl.Angkasa Kav-B6 Mall Mega Glodok Kemayoran Blok:D5 NO.1,Blok:A10 NO.1,Blok:A10 NO.11
Jakarta Pusat 10610, Jakarta
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pin BB 24D2BA42, 085883358833,,,
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allaFrance, thermoHydrometer astm, astm hydrometer
Hargatelp 085883358833,087882014995,081388688801,08118818890,
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Negara AsalFrench Southern Territories
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AllaFrance, ThermoHydrometer ASTM, ASTM Hydrometer
Hydrometer sebagai pengukur Density untuk produk BBM ( Premium, Kero, Solar, BioSolar, MFO) .
Spesifikasi Hydrometer :
Length 330 mm
Div.0.0005 g/ ml
Temprature Accuracy 15 C
Range 0.700-0.750, 0.750-0.800, 0.800-0.850, 0.850-0.900, 0.900-0.950, 0.950.-1.000.
Series 311H - 320H Range: 0.600-0.650 to 1.050-1.100
Div. 0.0005 with Accuracy 0.0005
L50 SERIES Range: 0.600-0.650 to 1.050-1.100
Div.0.0005 with Accuracy 0.0003
ASTM : American Standard Testing & Materials, USA
ISO : International Organization for Standarization
Range Density BBM ( Bahan Bakar Minyak)
Gasoline/ Premium: 0.700-0.750
Kerosene/ Minyak Tanah: 0.750-0.800
Diesel Fuel/ Solar: 0.800-0.850
Bio Diesel Fuel/ Bio Solar: 0.850-0.900
ALLA FRANCE, made in France
Calibration reliability :
We took several years to put in place an automatic hydrometer calibration system. Even if error remains possible, the human error probability is excluded at 99.5% .
Every standard hydrometer has an individual number printed on the scale. This number is stocked in our database and fully traceable to our primary MRA master.
The material used to fix the ballast respects 100% the most stringent requirements specified by official standards, namely to be placed horizontally at 80C, for 1 hr without melting.
Every instrument has reference mark at the top of scale and a small but visible cut on the glass. The purpose of this reference mark is to enable the user to detect if the scale has moved after a shock, or with the passage of time.
The scale of the hydrometer is fully marked with all the reference norms and international correspondences.
Scale :
The conception of the scale enables a very easy reading, marking clearly the difference between the divisions and subdivisions.When the official standard permints us, we print a double scale enabling the user to read the density whatever the position of the hydrometer inside the cylinder.
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MGK Mega Kemayoran
Office Lt. GF block A10 no 1
GF block D5 no 1
Jl.Angkasa Kav B-6
Kota Baru Bandar Kemayoran Jakarta Pusat 10610
jalan raya angkasa kav B6 central Jakarta 10610
mall mega glodok kemayoran A 10 no 1 GF
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